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When you ship with ABC Express – you’re shipping with specialists in international shipping and courier delivery services! With our wide range of express parcel and package services, along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs

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Best In Courier Delivery

Documents and Parcels express delivery service all over the world.

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Best In Sea Freight

LCL/FCL Freight (Import & Export) - service

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Best In Air Freight

Air Freight (Import & Export) - service

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Best In Timing

Time Commitment Delivery Service

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We provide the following value added services / basic services in addition to our specialized services which sets us apart from our competitors:

our specialized services:

DOOR – DOOR DELIVERY : Timely door – door delivery services has been the outcome of our increased planning accuracy and reliability in both domestic and cross-border deliveries. Our persistent effort to make the consignment available on the committed date and time, at a reasonable cost is a unique feature of our door – door delivery service.

AIR FREIGHT: The precision-timed arrival of goods at your premises or on your customer's premises is what our air freight department aims at.

SEA FREIGHT : Ocean Transport is a vital part of the world economy. We offer the right system for all cargoes - depending on its nature, volume, type, etc – by working out the best suitable transportation arrangement and selecting the appropriate carrier for every shipment.

Our customized air freight products allow you to coordinate your cargo even more flexibly and efficiently. Our comprehensive solution cover major trade lane to and from India to Asia Pacific, Latin America, Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australasia.

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We provide the following value added services

CUSTOM CLEARANCE SERVICES : Custom clearance forms a major part in the Logistics Industry. Our customer can avail the latest and the fastest means of clearing their consignments – Export & Import, through our systematized channels unless otherwise subject to custom rules & regulations.

WARE HOUSE FACILITIES: Our Capabilities help us in providing our customers state of the art warehouse facilities; We provide the following warehousing solutions:

Ware house management Services (WMS), Bonded/Non bonded)

Quality control,Stacking/Racking

Inventory management, Kitting

Pick and Pack

Our ware house facilities can be tailored / customized to our Customers’ individual needs.

Project Cargo, Exhibition Cargo, Dangers Good Cargo

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